Can you help to solve this mystery?

The above engraving may be found in both 'Tolson - History and Annals of Kirkheaton' and also in the '1914 Bazaar Programme', both available to view on this website but in each case with no explanation as to its origins or context.

The engraving can be dated to be prior to 1825 by the structure of the church.  On examination of each page in detail, the added captions may be read as 'J. Atkinson dol.' and 'W. Radclyffe  South'.

Speculation is that this work may have been commissioned by J Atkinson from the engraver William Radclyffe to form a memorial token for the infamous Atkinson Mill fire in 1818.  Although many references to engravings by William Radclyffe have been found, none so far relate to this particular subject.

Further speculation takes the "Mary" in the poem to be Mary Denton, one of the girls who perished in the tragic fire, and who was not buried in the communal grave near the monument at the East end of the Church.  The Denton family did have a burial plot near to the spot where the back of the female figure in black may be seen, however, there is no evidence of any marking stone present nor indeed that one ever existed which is strange if it were the subject of such an important event.

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