The origin of this work was the "St. John's Kirkheaton Churchyard Database Project" but this has been extended over the years to include a number of other Yorkshire churchyards and burial grounds.

Most of the original data has been transcribed and converted to Excel and PDF format so that it may be searched.  Where original source material is presented, this is copyright the originator; transcriptions are copyright R Horton / S Stocks but permission is granted for non-commercial use provided the source is attributed. 

The aim of the surveys is to combine all Sexton data (including maps of burials) with burial registers  and transcribed memorial inscriptions (with MI photographs) to give the most comprehensive set of data possible for use in family history research.  

There are several advantages to using this approach rather than just accessing online burial data.  Sexton data often includes extra information e.g. cause of death.  Also, prior to the 20C unbaptised infants are usually excluded from burial registers but included in the sexton burial records.  A very significant number of infants fall into this category and explains why often a search online for a death results in no information being found.  Online scanned burial registers often contain surprising numbers of missing pages which have not been scanned.

Any suitable material you may have (subject to copywrite restrictions) will be welcomed for display on the site.   

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