It is important to check this page from time to time against the versions you have downloaded in the past to ensure you are working with the latest additions / amendments.

Please note that you must also download the current folder for the specific burial ground as techincal reasons mean that this cannot have a version number but the contents will change with each new version.

Here is a list of the current version spreadsheets for the burial grounds:-

Kirkheaton St. John v11.1 (17/10/23)

Kirkheaton Lane Side Cemetery v3.6 (18/9/23)

Houses Hill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel v1.0 (25/1/2024)

Upper Hopton St. John v5.0 (5/2/24)

Lepton St. John v1.04 (29/10/22)

Grange Moor St. Bartholomew v1.1 (29/10/22)

Grange Moor Primitive Methodist Chapel v1.0 (2/2/2024)

Bradley St. Thomas v6.2 (20/9/23)

Huddersfield Hillhouse United Methodist Free Chapel v1.0 (25/1/2024)

Mirfield St. Mary v2.4 (29/10/22)

Whixley Church of the Ascension v3.0 (22/11/23)

Marton cum Grafton v2.1 (11/11/23)

Little Ouseburn Holy Trinity v2.0 (7/11/23)

Great Ouseburn St. Mary The Virgin v2.0 (7/11/23)

Green Hammerton St. Thomas v2.0 (7/11/23)

Allerton Mauleverer St. Martin v2.0 (7/11/23)

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